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古魯奇公司是一所在中國注冊外商設計公司。長年致力于餐飲空間設計,在多種餐飲型態與設計風格上都卓有成就,餐飲空間設計作品遍及中國大陸與歐美各地,作品涵蓋了各種型態的餐飲與酒吧空間。近年,作為立足北京的外商設計公司,古魯奇公司獲Interior Design美國室內設計雜志評為中國設計百強企業,更獲得各大國際級設計大獎如: 德國iF Design Award設計大獎、德國Red Dot紅點設計大獎、日本Good Design Award、日本JCD設計大賞、義大利2015 A' Design Award設計大獎、香港APIDA亞太區室內設計大獎、臺灣TID設計大獎。 10年來擁有大量品牌連鎖餐飲F&B設計領域成功經驗, 成為最專業的餐飲空間設計公司之一。
GOLUCCI INTERIOR ARCHITECTS was established by Taiwanese Designer Lee Hsuheng in 2004. Our highly motivated and qualified designers fully recognize the importance of professional acumen. Each project is conceptualized and developed by our experienced design team. Over the years, our works have included a wide range of Clubhouses, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants. Our approach to management ensures a high quality end product and we express the essence of our creative ideas to the best benefits of our clients.


利旭恒 Lee Hsuheng

出生于臺灣 Born in Taiwan
英國倫敦藝術大學 BA (Hons) 榮譽學士
University of the arts London B.A.(Hons) Interior & Spatial Design

知名餐飲空間設計師,長年致力于餐飲空間設計工作,在多個設計風格型態上都卓有成就,餐飲專案作品遍及中國與歐美各地,作品涵蓋了各種型態的餐飲空間。餐廳設計作品遍及中國大陸與歐美各地,多次收錄在國內外與兩岸三地的媒體雜志上, 設計作品被超過30個國家300個媒體廣泛的報導。如domus China 60 China Interior Designers、Perspective香港透視雜志、Surface 英國、ELLE DéCOR 美國、ELLE DECORATION 法國、AIT 德國、BOB 韓國、IW 韓國、WOOD PLANET 韓國、Casas & Mas 墨西哥、Interior Design 美國室內中文版、ID +C雜志、FRAME China、Interior臺灣室內、臺灣當代設計、繽紛Space、現代裝飾、A+A建筑與藝術、設計家雜志等。

Lee Hsuheng born in Taiwan, graduated from University of the arts London in 1999. Lee Hsuheng is the Founder and creative mind behind Golucci Interior Architect co., Ltd. Golucci Interior Architect goal provide professional solutions to all kinds of the food space, restaurant, bar & Café. Lee Hsuheng's style is pure and simple but bold and provocative. His signature is, in its search of new forms, in constant evolution. Through his way of creating interiors, a new language occurs on each project, driven by a passion for turning upside down traditional codes. By confronting heritage and cutting-edge innovations, combining Eastern cultural heritage with Western cultural influence, his open approach unfolds original perspectives while observing clients’ demanding standards. Lee Hsuheng originality and creativity allow him to be widely recognized on the interior design market and to be awarded (among others): iF Design Award 2013,2014,2015(Germany) / Red dot Design Award 2014,2015(Germany) / Gmark 2013,2014(Japan) / A' Design Award 2015(Italy) / APIDA 2011,2012(Hong Kong) / TID 2011,2012,2013,2014(Taiwan).


  • 創辦人 / 總監
    Founder / Director
    利旭恒 Lee Husheng
  • 合伙人 / 總設計師
    Partners / Chief Designer
    趙爽 Zhao Shuang
  • 市場總監
    Development / Communication
    宋純儀 Sung Chunyi
  • 項目設計師
    Project Inteior Designers
    張超 Zhang Chao
    鄭雅楠 Zheng Yanna
    季雯 Ji Wen
    周秋霞 Zhou Qiuxia
  • 設計師
    Interior Designers
    南成 Benji Na
    徐曾 Xu Zhen
    馬冬潔  Ma Dongjie
    王剛 Wang Gang
    許嬌嬌 Xu Jiaojiao
  • 助理設計師
    Assistant Interior Designers
  • 效果施工圖
    CAD / Rendering
    王杞 Wang Qi 
  • 工程項目經理
    Engineering Manager
    魏杰 Wei Jie
  • 助理 / 財務
    Admin / Finance
    李娟 Li Juan
  • 實習生
    王婧雯  Wang Jingwen
  • 曾經的伙伴
    牛倩 Niu Qianxua
    Aline Mironneau

    張鏵 Zhang Huaxin 
    閆夢 Yan Mengyu
     Lin Xia  
    曹沖 Yan Mengyu 高頌洋
    趙敏 & 斯達 &曹沖 Cao Chong